CEGOC-TEA is the Portuguese branch of Cegoc Group, a Paris-based international company. Cegoc Group's main activities are professional training, consultancy, psychological tests publishing, recruitment and psychological assessment.

CEGOC is the leader in the expanding Portungese test publishing market. We develop and publish psychological tests and other related material for several sectors: education, clinical and health work and business sect. Our mission is to supply Portuguese Psychologists with new, up-to-date and quality measures.

We enjoy a good reputation in our market and our clients are accredited professionals in the field of psychology, education, health and consulting .

As a member of the European Test Publishers Group we maintain high ethical and scientific standards and sensitize our clients to their rights and responsibilities as test users



Rua General Firmino Miguel, no 3, A/B, r/c

1600-100 Lisboa


Phone: +351 21 319 19 60
Fax: + 351 21 319 19 99

Web: www.cegoc.pt

For further information or to discuss our services, please contact :


Carla Ferreira: cferreira@cegoc.pt

Magda Machado: mmachado@cegoc.pt

Fátima Lopes: Sales: flopes@cegoc.pt