Center za psihodiagnosticna sredstva was founded in 1977 as a part of  the Institute for work productivity of the Republic of Slovenia, even though it had carried out the activities of psychological test adaptation and sale since its establishment in 1960. In 1989 Center za psihodiagnosticna sredstva became independent and operates as a private company.


Our mission is to develop, produce and distribute psychological and other related measurement materials and to qualify the users. We help psychologists, pedagogues, special needs teachers, teachers, physicians, human resource specialists and other specialists with their effective and quality work. Our mission is in raising the reputation of psychological profession and psychological measurement as well. We try to inform the public and transfer our knowledge. We have three full time staff and work with external consultants.


Center za psihodiagnosticna sredstva is the leading test publishing company in Slovenia (as it was before in Jugoslavia). Our focus is on developing and producing evidence-based products of the highest quality. The tests we publish cover all areas of psychological assessment (developmental and educational tests; intelligence tests, performance and personality tests; clinical and diagnostic tests; and occupational tests) and are for many different profesional users (psychologists, teachers, pedagogues, special needs teachers, therapists, medical doctors, career planers etc).


Our activities include:

  • development and/or adaptations of foreign or original Slovenian tests;
  • publishing, marketing and distribution of tests and books connected to assessment;
  • training and information services for tests users;
  • assessment in education (gifted and talented identification) and work and organizational field (recruitment, selection, career development);
  • scoring and reporting services including statistical analysis.


At the moment, we can offer 70 titles. We try to adapt all world-most-used instruments.




Litostrojska 44d

1000 – Ljubljana


Telephone number: +386 1 51 41 661
Fax number: +386 1 51 41 662
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For further information or to discuss our services, please contact : Dusica Boben, Managing Director: