Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag A/S develops and publishes psychological and educational tests in close collaboration with and for psychologists and allied professionals such as teachers, speech therapist, doctors, human resource consultants and others. The purpose of Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag’s publishing enterprise is to develop and publish materials and tools to aid psychologists and allied professionals in their daily work and for the benefit of the people with whom they are working.

Today's test program of Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag is built upon a tradition of 60 years of user-driven and user-focused test development in Denmark originally started by a group of Danish school psychologists. Over the years it evolved from being predominantly based on voluntary work throughout the 1970s and 1980s to become a professional publishing house under the name Dansk psykologisk Forlag with both a test and a book program. In 2003, Dansk psykologisk Forlag entered into a cooperation with the Hogrefe Publishing Group. In 2010 the Foundation and Hogrefe decided to divide the company into two separate companies in order to make the best use of their different strengths and strategies. Hogrefe continues the test publishing activities under the name of Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag A/S, whereas the Foundation continues the book and journal publishing activities under the name of Dansk psykologisk Forlag A/S.

Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag A/S is in addition to the Hogrefe publishing group, which has offices in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, England, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, also a member of The European Test Publishers Group as well as The International Test Commission.



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