ECPA has created and published high quality assessment tools since 1948. Our range of assessments addresses:


  • clinical psychology -school psychologists, psychologists employed by hospitals, public and private institutes, research departments;
  • speech therapy;
  • commercial and not-for-profit organisations - psychologists and human resources professionals employed by companies and consulting agencies.


We are Frances’s leader in publishing testing materials and training professionals to use them. The company acts as a centre for communication between test developers, subject experts, researchers and professionals on the latest scientific advances in the area. Our research and development team  comprises psychologists and statisticians: the team works closely with prestigious international authors, researchers and specialists.


ECPA are committed to high ethical and scientific standards in the development and use of tests. We publish a range of tests distinguished by measurement excellent and practical utility including such internationally known titles as MMPI, BDI-II, RAVEN, BARON, WISC-IV, WPPSI-R and WAIS-III.



ECPA offers a range of services to organisations wishing to use tests in the recruitment, development and management of employees, including:


  • a team of human resources consultants which analyses needs and offers the rights tools, which follows their incorporation and relays at requests concerning their use;
  • a training centre;
  • a range of dedicated assessents as well as the creation of tailored assessments and associated testing services.


We also offer support , training and information services to clinical psychologists and speech therapists.



Editions du Centre de Psychologie Appliquée, 15 rue Henri Roi Tanguy, 93100 Montreuil, France

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For further information or to discuss our services, please contact :


Béatrice Joubert: bjoubert@ecpa.fr

Cécile Pannetier: cpannetier@ecpa.fr