Editions Hogrefe France was founded in May 2006 by the Hogrefe Group, with the main objectives of developing, adapting, and publishing new tests for psychologists in French.

We started in 2007 with the publication of French versions of the Big Five personality questionnaire NEO PI-R, the d2 Test of Attention, the projective Rorschach Test and Sceno-Test and the WCST (Wisconsin Card Sorting Test)


Our catalogue of clinical assessment instruments also comprises the SON-R nonverbal intelligence test, the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), and the ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised)


In addition to the clinical market we are also active in the I/O-HR field, with the following tests: BIP (Business-Focused Inventory of Personality), LJI (Leadership Judgement Indicator), IST 2000 R (Intelligence Structure Test), and QCP (Work Behaviours Questionnaire).


Our concern to provide users with practical and scientifically validated tools means that our experienced staff collaborate closely with French authors with the highest reputations, external expert consultants, and European and American publishers, in order to maintain ethical standards, to the benefit of both test users and the persons being tested.



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