Hogrefe Uitgevers was founded in Amsterdam by the Hogrefe Group in March 2007 to develop, adapt, and publish psychological tests for the Dutch market.

The company concentrates on tests for the HR and clinical areas. Since its start Hogrefe Uitgevers has acquired a network of excellent test authors, consultants and clients who are helping us gather the necessary data.


For the HR and clinical areas, Hogrefe Uitgevers publishes the highly successful NEO, both in paper-pencil form and electronically in the Hogrefe TestSystem. The widely known SON-R non-verbal intelligence tests are also published by Hogrefe in Dutch and other languages.


For the HR market, Hogrefe Uitgevers’ program contains the new Dutch version of the Self-Directed Search, as well as Dutch adaptations of the IST 2000 R intelligence test, the AMI (Achievement Motivation Inventory), the BIP (Business-Focused Inventory of Personality) and the d2 Test of Attention. For companies working internationally we are offering a complete suite of tests (NEO, IST 2000 R, d2 etc.) that can be administered electronically in a range of languages, including English, German, French and Dutch.


In the clinical area Hogrefe Uitgevers publishes a package of autism instruments, such as the ADI-R clinical interview, the ADOS (observation instrument) and the SRS (Social Responsiveness Scale) as well as the Dutch version of the BRIEF for executive functions and several aphasia instruments, one of which is the AAT.


Hogrefe Uitgevers aims to provide practical and scientifically sound instruments to help our clients in diagnosing and assessing and making solidly based decisions, for the benefit of clients and their candidates. We aim to be a partner with whom clients and authors like to work, providing outstanding service, excellent products and friendly and professional staff.



Hogrefe Uitgevers BV

Weteringschans 128

1017 XV Amsterdam

Phone: +31 20 671-3543

Fax: +31 20 673-1153

Web: www.hogrefe.nl

E-mail: info@hogrefe.nl

For further information, please contact:

Ilse Engwirda, Director and Publisher: ilse.engwirda@hogrefe.nl

Janwillem Bast, R&D Manager: janwillem.bast@hogrefe.nl