In 2003 the Hogrefe Group entered the UK with the aim of developing its already growing portfolio of English language tests. Initially we focused our efforts on establishing a presence in the occupational/HR market where the name of Hogrefe is now synonymous with quality and integrity. Our strategy in this market has been to form close partnerships with our customers while we build on our continued drive to publish metrics ‘with a difference’; metrics that add value beyond those supplied by our competitors. Our customers speak for us:


“I would single out Hogrefe as a publisher for the time and effort that they have given to help us make best use of their tools. They act more as a partner than a supplier which is refreshingly different and definitely makes my life easier”

Miriam Burton, Director of Assessment, Tribal Resourcing


“The key for me was the support that Hogrefe gave. Without their help we would never have worked out the right mix of tests. I’m so pleased that I chose Hogrefe for this project”

Mike Lee, Training and Development Manager, Nottingham City Transport


“The Hogrefe tests have really helped us refine our approach to high volume assessment. They have saved us time and given a level of insight that we just don’t get with other methods”

Paul Clark, Operations Director, Academy HR


The UK edition of NEO PI-R currently stands as the Hogrefe UK recommended ‘best in class’ assessment of behavioural style and has proved popular among test users in the UK. With the Business focused Inventory of Personality (BIP) we have a style assessment that includes measures of motivation as well as temperament. The Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI) allows us to provide the market with the first operational assessment of ‘wisdom’ in leaders. The Achievement Motivation Inventory or AMI completes the offering with a focus on the assessment of passion for work. The tripartite slogan “Style / Passion /Wisdom” encapsulates our unique approach to facilitating the assessment of managerial and leadership potential. Additionally we are increasingly visible in the field of traffic psychology with the d2 test of attention.


Besides engagement in the HR market we focus our presence in the clinical and educational markets. One of our main products in this area are the re-standardised Griffiths scales.



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