Hogrefe is a leading European test publisher. The parent company, Hogrefe Verlag Göttingen, Germany, was founded in 1949, and has evolved over the decades to become the market leader in German-speaking areas. Over recent years the Hogrefe Group has expanded its test publishing activities to other areas of Europe, and now has offices in eight countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, UK) with test publishing programs in all the respective languages.


Hogrefe now publishes more than 750 tests covering all areas of psychological assessment: clinical, human resources, educational. The high-quality instruments we publish are based on extensive research collaboration with the scientific community to ensure that they are scientifically sound, well developed, and thoroughly standardized.


Our tests include such well-known instruments as the, the BIP (Business-Focused Inventory of Personality), the IST 2000 R (Intelligence Structure Test), the d2 Test of Attention, the NEO-PI-R (NEO Personality Inventory), the AMI (Achievement Motivation Inventory), the CFT culture fair intelligence tests, the SETK (Language Development Test for Children), the Scenotest, the AID 2 (Adaptive Intelligence Test), the DTVP (Developmental Test of Visual Perception), SON-R non-verbal intelligence tests, and FAUSTLOS – Second Step.


In Germany, Hogrefe operates the main test distribution center for the German-speaking countries, the Testzentrale (www.testzentrale.de).


Our electronic tests, approximately 350, are delivered via a sophisticated electronic test platform, the Hogrefe TestSystem (www.hogrefe-testsystem.com). This highly flexible electronic testing solution meets the most diverse needs of our clients, providing online and offline, intranet and web-based testing options, the highest levels of data security, and allowing testing and administration in various languages. Its continued development means that the Hogrefe TestSystem is always at the forefront of technological advances.


Besides assessment instruments, Hogrefe's wide range of publications includes more than 35 scientific periodicals, in both German and English, such as European Psychologist, Journal of Individual Differences, European Journal of Psychological Assessment, Diagnostica, Methodology, and Experimental Psychology. Our nearly 2,000 books in print include the 88-volume Encyclopedia of Psychology, a wide range of German and English texts, monographs, and handbooks in psychology and medicine for scientists and clinicians, as well as trade books on psychological topics.



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