OS Hungary Tesztfejleszto

OS Hungary was founded in 2003, as a subsidiary of Giunti O.S., as the only test distributor in Hungary on the field of clinical instruments. At present, our main focus is on the publication of tests. We have adapted the most significant clinical instruments from Europe and the USA, and have also introduced some organisational tools. Publication of the most known instruments is also coupled with our strong purpose to fight against the distribution and usage of the earlier illegal versions of these tests, which is widely present in Hungary.

OS Hungary has 3 employees and several free lance translators and professionals from universities, clinics and hospitals who participate in the adaptation processes.

Our main include: MMPI-2, WISC-IV, SCID-I and II, STAI-Y, STAXI-2,  Rorschach, TAT, CAT, BFQ, and SAFA. Apart from publishing, we offer training programs for SCID and WISC-IV.


OS Hungary Tesztfejleszto                                                                                  Hegedus Gyula u. 13., mf.                                                                                                 Budapest

1136- Hungary


Phone: + 36 1 239 41 22

Fax: +36 1 788 6008                                                              Web: http://www.oshungary.hu


For further information or to discuss our services, please contact :


Natasa Ko: general manager ko.natasa@oshungary.hu