Psykologien Kustannus was founded in 1965 by the Union of Finnish Psychologists to import tests with the purpose of translating, adapting and selling to Finnish psychologists.

Now Psykologien Kustannus Oy is owned by the Hogrefe Group. The company has expanded its business over the years and now mainly specializes in developing testing equipment for professional psychologists. It offers Finnish psychologists a wide selection of both domestic and foreign testing equipment.

The company employsthree people at the moment and works closely on product development with the State, regional governmental bodies and privately-owned institutes. We offer our customers testing equipment and adaptations produced as the result of high-level research in psychology.

The main purpose of the business of Psykologien Kustannus Oy is to offer high-level testing equipment to Finnish psychologists. Earlier, the company focused its work on importing tests but lately the significance of developing domestic testing methods has become of prime importance.

Our knowledge of psychology is at a high level, for instance the company's testing methods of neuropsychology stand among the

foremost in international development.


Psykologien Kunstannus Oy
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