SCHUHFRIED develops, produces and markets leading software solutions for use in psychological assessment, cognitive training and biofeedback. Its products are used in clinical neuropsychology, human resources and traffic and sport psychology. SCHUHFRIED combines in a innovative way psychology, software and electronic hardware.

The family business, which was founded in 1947, currently employs some 60 staff at its headquarters in Mödling, near Vienna. Although the company operates internationally with sales networks and distributors in 41 countries, it remains firmly committed to its location in Austria, where all its products are developed and manufactured. The numerous awards it has won, including the right to use the Austrian coat of arms and a certification to EN ISO, demonstrate that SCHUHFRIED lives up to its motto of “quality by competence”.


Vienna Test System

With more than 13 million tests conducted annually worldwide, the Vienna Test System (VTS) is the leading tool for computerbased psychological assessment.

The carefully crafted modular design of the Vienna Test System makes the system suitable for use in many contexts, including

Special ability tests and highly precise tests that can measure time in milliseconds

The special ability tests – in particular those that are precise to within milliseconds – have a deservedly good reputation. With many factors and skills such as attention, cognitive flexibility and ability to react it is not the number of correct answers but the speed of processing that is the crucial criterion. Differences of even a few milliseconds can cause a significant shift of the normed test scores. The Vienna Test System measures working times precisely, enabling the results to be interpreted with clarity, for example for the assessment of fitness to drive in traffic psychology, the assessment of attention deficits in neuropsychology or the minimizing of accident risk in jobs in which safety is an important consideration.

The Vienna Test System has also acquired an international reputation for its psychological tests that make use of special hardware. Thanks to specially developed peripheral devices, sensorimotor skills (eye-hand-(foot) coordination, fine motor skills), peripheral perception and the activation of the central nervous system can all be measured. Among the particularly precise tests that use a peripheral device, the DT Determination Test leads the way



CogniPlus is a software to train cognitive functions. Efficient. Multi-media. Motivating.

CogniPlus is scientifically based and incorporates up-to-date psychological findings. The content of CogniPlus is closely linked to the Vienna Test System This means that diagnosis, treatment and evaluation can be efficiently linked. CogniPlus is available in a wide range of languages–.  Each CogniPlus training program is tailored to a specific deficit, because studies have shown that use of over-complex training programs may actually cause performance to deteriorate. Training programs are only offered for cognitive functions that are scientifically proven to be trainable



Biofeedback 2000x-pert is the innovative wireless biofeedback system from SCHUHFRIED. It can be used for relaxation, rehabilitation and assessment.

The key features of Biofeedback 2000x-pert:


  • User-friendly, easy-to-use software

  • Modular design of software and hardware

  • Transfer of readings via wireless technology (Bluetooth®) by means of small, lightweight radio modules worn directly on the body

  • Complete freedom of movement during measurement

  • Highly sensitive sensors with high stability against artifacts


All relevant physiological parameters can be measured and displayed, including respiration, skin conductance, temperature, heart rate variability, pulse and motility.


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