Main Business Focus



TEA Ediciones was founded in 1957 and is now the leading test publishing company in Spain. The company provides psychological test and psychological assessment solutions to different markets: clinical (public and private hospitals, psychologists, psychiatrists),

  • education (schools and universities, and
  • human resources (public and private companies and organisations).

We are committed to the international standards in the development and use of tests, putting our best efforts to provide customers with high quality, reliable, and valid tools.


Main business focus


Our activities include:


  • development, adaptation publishing, marketing and distribution of tests;
  • scoring and reporting services  including statistical analysis, software for administeration, reporting and scoring and OMR scoring;
  • research and developmentb into the development, translation and adaptation of tests as well as in the wider field of psychometrics;
  • education and pedagogical Evaluation: tests and tools for pedagogical diagnosis, evaluation of teachers, exercises for class, etc;
  • internet administration and scoring via;
  • equipment and Instruments: biofeedback devices, chronometers, etc.

 We employ 50 staff in  five Spanish offices: Madrid (Headquarters), Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla and Zaragoza.13 national distributors, cover the whole territory of Spain . 17 international distributors include companies in Argentina, Columbia, Chile, México, Costa Rica, Perú, Panamá, and so on. c

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TEA Ediciones publishes over 400 products including some of the most prestigious international psychological tests in the world: ,ABAS-II, BAS-II, BAT-7, COMPETEA, CUIDA, CUMANIN, EDI-3, EFAI, EXPLORA, FACTOR-G, IPP-R, PAI, LSB-50, Merrill-Palmer-R, MMPI-2RF, MSCEIT, NEO PI-R, 16 PF-5, PAI, PROLEC-R, RIAS, TPT etc.


TEA Ediciones, S.A. Fray Bernardino Sahagún, 24. 28036 Madrid. Spain Phone: 34-91-270-5000Fax: 34-91-345-8608

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