Testcentrum – Hogrefe, a company within the Hogrefe Group, was established in Prague in May 2000 in order to publish and distribute all important psychodiagnostic instruments in the Czech and Slovak languages.


Most instruments we publish in both Czech and Slovak are well-known and widely used internationally, allowing Czech and Slovak psychologists to use the same tests as psychologists in other countries and thus more easily communicate and exchange reports with their European and international colleagues. Our tests, such as the , the BIP (Business-Focused Inventory of Personality), the IST 2000 R (Intelligence structure Test), the d2 Test of Attention, the NEO-PI-R personality inventory, the AMI (Achievement Motivation Test), SON-R – Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, the Scenotest, the FAST (Family System Test), the WISC-III, the MMPI-2 and many others, have been adapted and standardized in co-operation with the scientific community in both countries, thus ensuring the highest professional and scientific quality.


In addition, various books have been published and the Hogrefe TestSystem, probably the most sophisticated electronic test platform in contemporary European psychology, which includes many tests, is now also available to psychologists in the Czech language.




Testcentrum - Hogrefe

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Czech Republic

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For further information, please contact:

Vaclav Havluj, Managing Director: vaclav.havluj@testcentrum.cz