Eurotests Editions is a company that claims two labels: European and Francophone. European because we were born from the aspirations of two European publishers: GIUNTI O.S. Organizzazioni Specialli (the leading Italian publisher test publisher) and QUI PLUS EST (a French publisher of methods and books on career orientation). Francophone because our goal is to create partnerships with and distribute French, Belgian, Quebec and Swiss-based authors. We seek to encourage the development of new tools that meet the needs of professionals in the various fields of clinical, human resources, orientation, education & guidance testing. To do so, we give absolute priority to high quality standards at a variety of levels: - the scientific level, by ensuring the credibility of the tools, notably thanks to a scientific committee composed of university graduates entrusted with verifying the scientific value;- the service level, by providing a service tailored to clients and users through training and personal advice;- the deontological level, by ensuring security and discretion for the end-users. We also endeavour to offer French-speaking professionals translations of the most reputed American and European tests, adapted to their national social and cultural context.  

Altogether, we are working on no less than 15 projects for release in the coming months, to complement our existing range of products.



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