ETPG organised a panel discussion on issues surrounding copyright at the 9th conference of the International Test Commission in San Sebastian at the beginning of July.

The panel comprised Dragos Iliescu (OS Romania and ITC), Juergen Hogrefe (Hogrefe Verlag), Joanna Stanczak

(Pracownia Testów Psychologicznych PTP)

and Natasa Ko (OS Hungary)and the session was chaired by Ian Florance, secretary of the ETPG,

The session was titled: Copyright: how can we balance the needs of authors, publishers, users, researchers and clients.

Issues of copyright and intellectual property came up in other sessions at the conference, indicating that innovations in technology, psychological and assessment theory, as well as increasing international mobility for both test users and the tests themselves.

Dragos Iliescu argued strongly that a strong copyright system benefits all stakeholders  and he was backed up by Juergen Hogrefe who defined how copyright applies to tests and argued for a balanced system, adapting to the new realities. Natasa Ko and Joanna Stanczak described attempts in Romania and Hungary to overcome copyright abuse.

Attendees discussed these presentations forcefully and we agreed that legal policing was only one element in a more diverse approach to this issue. Drawing on the music industry's reaction to a similar situation, we agreed that new development and commercial models were needed, as is more education and awareness-raising about IP.

Downloads of presentations

Ian Florance's introduction to copyright Introductory presentation on copyright_

Dr. Juergen Hogrefe's presentation on copyright

Dragos Iliescu: On the benefits of copyright

Good copyright cooperation in Poland: a presentation by Joanna Stanczak


Ian Florance also sat on a panel discussion on international cooperation at ITC. 

Brief presentation on international cooperation. Presentation